Fes Blog Putting Skills First

Putting skills first for a safe and effective workforce

Dealing with energy technologies involves a certain level of risk. So it’s critical that solar battery installers, designers and assessors have the knowledge and skills required to perform the tasks at hand safely and effectively. Incorrect wiring, careless assessments and uninformed advice can lead to unnecessary hazards that are often preventable with the right skills and training.

Putting skills first means creating a safe working environment. It means preventing mistakes before they happen and knowing how to deal with issues, if they ever arise. It means becoming a trusted advisor for consumers and it means having the ability to deliver the best possible outcome.

Skills, above everything, defines the boundaries of ability, capacity and competence. Having the highest level of training means a positive and safe working environment for everyone involved – including the installer themselves.

As technologies evolve, so should skills and training. Having a strong understanding and depth of knowledge plays an enormous part in accident prevention and risk management.

The New Energy Technology Systems (NETS) course has newly designed training units to provide future tradespeople with the knowledge and skills to safely undertake a site assessment, design and install solar batteries. Delivered using best practice learning innovation, the course is designed to help students retain knowledge before, during and after the course, at a new Australian standard for solar batteries.

Safe and effective – expect nothing less.